The Team

The Team

Farms Manager: Martin Birse
Martin is a very ‘hands on’ manager and has been at Pitgaveny since 1986. He manages the whole farm and makes key decisions about everything from which crops to grow, the rotation of the fields, machinery, stock numbers and more. His job is hugely important for the running of the farm and involves a lot of paperwork and budgeting, but he divides his time between the office and being in the fields. He is hugely enthusiastic about encouraging people of all ages to understand about agriculture, and the success of the Open Day and our schools’ days is largely down to his enthusiasm and sheer hard work.

Tractor Man: Raymond Middleton
Raymond has worked on farms all his life and came to Pitgaveny as a tractor man in 2001. He is mainly out in the fields in his tractor, sowing, spraying, harvesting and ploughing. He is a champion of ploughing competitions and has won numerous titles over the years.

Farm support: Brian Birnie
Brian came to work at Pitgaveny in May 2013 and also primarily works on the tractors although everyone has to slot in with whatever is needing done whether that’s working with stock or ploughing. Brian came to Pitgaveny from Aberdeenshire with a wealth of experience. He has proved himself to be very adept in the workshop too, fixing machinery and being an expert welder.

Chief Stockman: Geoff Anderson
Geoff has been at Pitgaveny since 1988. He is our chief stockman, looking after cattle, which we raise for beef. He sees through an arduous two calvings a year, producing roughly 220 a year. Recently he started breeding pedigree Simmental cattle with great success. Geoff’s wife Kate has been very involved in caring for the bulls he has bred, making sure they enjoy having a wash and blow dry, and leading them around the ring when they’re on show.

Stockman: Mike Tawse
Mike started work at Pitgaveny in December 2016 and will have particular responsibility for the 900 ewes and their lambs, as well as assisting with calving and all the other cattle work throughout the year.